How to Remove Skunk Odor

As an active upland bird hunter, my Brittany (Annie) and I have had our fair share of run ins with skunks. Only a couple of times have either of us ever gotten sprayed, but when we did, the ride home sure was long. The below mixture has been in my opinion the most effective at getting rid of the smell. May have to use it several times, but your family will thank you.

Skunk Essence De-Scent Wash

1 Quart hydrogen peroxide
1/4 cup baking soda
1 teaspoon liquid dish soap.

Do not mix anything else with these three ingredients.
Do not put in a bottle of any kind with a cap. It might explode.
Mix thoroughly in a pan or bucket.
Use rag or sponge, and wash in the area that smells.
It works. You may have faint odor left but you can wash it again.
If a dog has been sprayed in the face or mouth, wash with clear, cold water.
When skinning a skunk, dip whole animal in bucket of solution first, then rinse.

As a side note you might get some discoloration if not rinsed properly.

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