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Tim JosephsonTim Josephson
18:45 11 May 22
We had a skunk who dug a den under our patio in the back yard. We tried the DIY methods (amonia, cat liter, filling the hole and covering it), but the skunk kept returning. We called Jeremy and he was there same day. He was able to trap the skunk and returned the next day to remove it. He also was able to use his camera to check for babies before I filled the hole back in. Very quick to respond and answered all our questions. I can tell he has experience in this service. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who needs them.
Bryce RischBryce Risch
20:24 04 Mar 22
Quick responsiveness, upfront pricing, and arrived same day to remove animal.We had a trapped opossum in a crevice so we contacted Suamico Trap and they came over within the hour and freed the little guy. He took care of relocation to a parcel of land where it can live out the rest of its days.They were professional and informative. Would highly recommend to use their service
Erin SwankeErin Swanke
21:30 06 Mar 21
Jeremy helped us remove a squirrel that had gotten into our chimney. He came out to our house the same day we contacted him. He checked our roof, attic, and crawl space. He put up screening and successfully removed the squirrel. He responded quickly each time we contacted him. He was very helpful and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend him if you need an animal removed from your property
Liam LedfordLiam Ledford
00:22 28 Aug 20
Jeremy did a fantastic job of removing a skunk from my basement window well. Even though the skunk had burrowed into the crack between the well and the ground floor, Jeremy was able to set an effective trap that humanely caught the skunk. He even set the trap in a way that would lower the chances of the skunk spraying, and it worked - the skunk didnt even spray when the trap was removed from the well. Jeremy then gave me some good advice on how to remove the food source (lawn grubs) that attracted skunks to my property.This is definitely the best service in the Greater Green Bay/Howard/DePere area for trapping and removing certain problem wildlife. Super professional and courteous. I would reccommend them to anyone.
Jay HartsternJay Hartstern
12:08 04 Jan 19
This past summer I had an issue with raccoons getting in my enclosure and eating my chickens and ducks. I called Jeremy at Suamico Trap and Pest Control he came out right away to assess the problem .... he set some traps out and within 3 days he caught 3 raccoons in his traps .... Jeremy is very knowledge and professional when it comes to getting rid of nuisance animals. I would recommend this company if you have any problems animals you need taken care of.Thank youJ.H.